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The art of advertising to online business is just beginning to take hold. If you miss the train, it may run over you.

Writing B2B Ad Copy

Writing sponsored link ad copy: the Basics

One of the most important elements of attracting the most qualified leads to your program
is writing good ad copy for your keywords. When you first start writing the copy, you
must consider the following factors:

  1. Who is your audience? Are you attempting to again the attention of enterprise
    level experienced companies or entry level start-ups?
  2. What is your goal? Do you want to drive sales leads or just garner traffic to your
    web site?
  3. Where are you sending the person who clicks? (Hopefully to a landing page).
  4. How will the content offer fit with your keyword list?

Ad Copy should be simple, compelling and direct.

One of our rules for writing compelling B2B ad copy is to offer to solve a problem or
give out information that your audience must have. For example one of the most popular
white papers recently stated “Click here to find the one thing hackers know that you
don’t.” Remember most people doing a search in the B2Barena, particularly those with
a project on the horizon, are attempting to solve some kind of a problem. Yes, ultimately
a percentage of these prospects want to purchase a product or service in your vertical but
their criteria for that purchase is always governed by some type of specific need.

Here are some examples of good ad copy:

  1. The one secret about web-based CRM systems every marketer should know
  2. How to avoid buying the wrong CRM software for your needs
  3. 5 critical issues to consider when selecting a CRM

Be Sure to Make-Good on Your Offer

Also if your ad copy promises to give out a specific answer (s) to a question, be sure that
your content will in fact directly answer that query or issues. For example, if your copy
states boldly, “The Seven Items Your CRM Must Have”, be sure your content does
contain those seven items and that it does not just become a sales pitch for your product.

Ad Copy Mistakes to Avoid

“I am the Biggest, Brightest, Most Well-Known Software Ever”

A common mistake is to try to tell your prospects in your copy that you are the biggest,
best, greatest or most experienced in your area of expertise. That type of approach might
make your CEO happy but it will not help someone who is doing a search to solve their
problem with web based CRM. There is plenty of space on your web site to also
document your achievements with collateral such as case studies and press releases.
Additionally, prospects will be more interested in that type of information later when they
are further along in the buying cycle. Initially prospects want guidance, not salesmanship.

“For Ordinary, Vanilla, Milk-Toast CRM Software Solutions, Click

Another route to avoid is being too general. For example the copy, “Affordable Software
CRM Solutions” is not going to gain theclick of the people you really want if your goal
is to ultimately generate sales leads. This type of copy does nothing to solve a problem or
to differentiate your product from others in the CRM area. Sure you will only pay for
those who click on the ad, but they will be most likely just looking for the most basic
education on CRM software. You will end up with students and browsers, not prospects
who have the means and proper motivation to buy your product.

Never Forget to Continue to Test, Analyze and Optimize

Remember to constantly test, analyze your results and implement the best performing ad
copy. Things change very quickly online so trying new ad copy based on new trends will
help your campaign to maintain great results.

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