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The art of advertising to online business is just beginning to take hold. If you miss the train, it may run over you.

Sales Can Provide Help for B2B PPC Campaigns

Most of my blog post involve speaking to B2B marketers about how best to use web tools like PPC search ads. But sales people have an important role to play in the process of not only closing deals but supplying marketing with great insights from prospects. So sales colleagues, if you want better incoming leads to call on, here is a simple way to help your own cause.

On your next series of new prospect sales calls, take specific note of the actual terminology used by the perspective client to describe your service. Yes, forget about what you think you do and your B2B vertical, what is their perception of you? In fact take notes on the exact terms they use. Turn these descriptive words over to marketing. The new and unusual lexicon may form the basis for additions to your keyword list as part of your current PPC campaign. You may help marketing find a whole new group of searchers who want to talk to you. More prospects should mean more sales.

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