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your competitors are receiving leads

The art of advertising to online business is just beginning to take hold. If you miss the train, it may run over you.

  1. Determine and Define the main problem your product/service solves. Almost all B2B searches are motivated because a company needs to solve a specific problem. You should always view and position your product/service as the solution to the main quandary.
  2. Consider a White Paper for your main piece of collateral- White Papers reach searchers very early in the buying process. One thing most B2B Searchers want is good information. In fact many companies are now using a initial search for a white paper as an integral part of their RFP process.
  3. Check out the Competition – Keep track of what you competitors are buying in terms of keywords and what kinds of collateral they are offering.
  4. Write Ad Copy that matches your proposed solution to the B2B problem you are solving.
  5. Buy more Keywords than you initially think you should. We usually recommend starting with 150 to 200 words. You know the terms that best describe your business but many of your prospects are only familiar with the problem they are trying to solve. Therefore use terms that an outsider might use as opposed to vocabulary that only industry specialists are familiar with.